The Monolith Studio

The release of Ethereum chronicles the start of humanity's odyssey into a new technological era. An era that will have profound implications on the economics of human interaction, molding a future landscape of interconnected world industries. Monolith Studio has been established to form diverse projects within this new technological and economic paradigm.

Venturing Into the Web3

The Monolith Studio is a Web3 venture production studio. It’s sole purpose is to materialize Ethereum’s transcendental potential by creating next generation Ethereum powered products and platforms for the end-user, on the Web3.

Ventures will not only provide solutions for the native Ethereum community, but also present innovations that capture the regular user beyond. Our first product, TokenCard, achieves this desired balance.

Project 001

The TokenCard

Smart Contract powered Debit Card In Development

TokenCard brings the Visa payments network to Ethereum. It represents a generational leap from traditional debit cards by putting the user back in control, offering an entire platform of features and setting the bar for security.

Each TokenCard is backed by a personal smart contract. It allows Ether and other ERC20 compliant tokens to be spent, including stablecoins. These smart contracts ensure deposited funds remain in full control of the user, without compromising on usability.

Within each smart contract is a licensing fee, this accrues directly to TokenCard backers in a frictionless manner each time the card is used.

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Project 000


Venture production DAO Concept Stage

One of our ambitions is to shift venture creation, development and management to the Web3. MonolithDAO aims to be the manifestation of this vision, as an open collaborative platform.

At its core, MonolithDAO will be a platform for efficiently executing ideas that leverage Ethereum technology, benefitting both backers and the Ethereum network itself. MonolithDAO will implement a number of innovations that ensure it functions efficiently, including: meritocratic governance, hierarchical token structure and a proof of asset discussions platform.

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Monolith Studio Team

Key Figures

Mel Gelderman

Project Leader
Mel previously consulted on blockchain for various banks and software companies in East Asia. He has always been driven by exponential technologies, founding an algae biofuel company at 15. Mel turned to Ethereum in 2014 upon understanding it’s remarkable potential and the pivotal role it holds in enabling other exponential technologies. Since then Mel has been driven to build solutions that upend the status-quo. Creator of the TokenCard.

David Hoggard

Partnerships and Finance
With an academic background in Mathematics and Finance, David has a deep understanding of both the regular and crypto markets. Recently passing CFA level 3, David is now pursuing real-world financial applications using Ethereum at Monolith Studio including a distributed banking system as part of the TokenCard project.

Abib Bocresion

Business and Finance
Former Managing Director and Global Head of Interest Rate Exotics and Hybrids trading at J.P. Morgan. Abib has an academic background in Engineering and Computer Science and Economics and has extensive experience in financial markets. Abib offers insight into the applications of technology to finance, and brings operational experience that helps the team.

Peter Vessenes

Co-founder and former Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, known in the community as a formal verification expert and auditor. He has consulted for and advised numerous groups about blockchain technology, including the Department of Treasury, FinCEN and major Venture Capital firms. He recently founded New Alchemy, a software company offering strategy and technology services, who are in charge of TokenCard development.

Dr. Andreas Glarner

Legal Expert
Andreas has worked with international companies in the technology, industrial and internet sectors. He has extensive expertise in fintech and blockchain technology applications, gaming services, e-payments and IP/IT law. Legal expert for Monolith Studio.

Dennis Peterson

Software Engineer
Dennis is a software developer with two decades of experience. Among other projects, he coded rebate and loyalty programs which paid out tens of millions of dollars. Now he's obsessed with Ethereum, and is the lead Solidity developer at NewAlchemy. He maintains a thought-provoking Ethereum blog, BlunderingCode.

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