The foundation of a new business paradigm.

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The Era of DAO Economics

MonolithDAO is founded on the idea that, with an effective implementation, a DAO will outcompete its traditional rivals in efficiency, ethos and expansion rate. MonolithDAO is a Venture Production DAO that sets out to create Ethereum powered dapps, DAOs and platforms.

By pioneering a new approach towards DAO structure and interaction, MonolithDAO is uniquely equipped to build targeted Ethereum powered solutions. It will function as an entire ecosystem, where developers, entrepreneurs and investors can interact, leveraging collective expertise to create and manage projects.

Core Features

Ethereum projects with internal curation, development and funding

Monolith Studio, vehicle for real world interaction

Elected meritocratic governance teams

The Innovations

Grounded Governance

MonolithDAO will implement a dynamic meritocratic governance system by delegating responsibilities to qualified individuals, who act in line with Monolith’s values. Governance members will be unhindered to take action where appropriate, but can still defer to token holder approval on contentious decisions. This ensures Monolith functions in an efficient and coordinated manner. As a safeguard, underperforming governance members can be subject to DAO intervention.

Token Structure

Another innovation is the use of a hierarchical token structure. Multiple tokens could be used to represent individual projects within Monolith, allowing users to customize which projects they are involved in. To aid governance, different classes of tokens could also hold merit as an effective and enforceable tool, with revocable tokens being issued to those making decisions.

Effective Discussions

To facilitate constructive dialogue, a proof-of-asset discussions platform would serve to benefit all DAO members. The use of this platform would ensure that only those with a relevant stake in MonolithDAO can partake in discussions, thereby creating a productive environment to do so.

Hand of the DAO

Hand of the DAO

As a venture production DAO, hiring and partnering with third parties will be essential for commercial success. Internal projects may need contractors for marketing, whilst attractive third party projects may need evaluating. If projects require, Monolith Studio can facilitate these needs.

Monolith Studio will act as an efficient independent contractor through which MonolithDAO can interact with the real world. This function however is open, and we envision a market of competing service providers that MonolithDAO projects can contract with.

Additionally, Monolith Studio could:

  • Undertake due diligence

    Undertaking due diligence allows for decisions to be made by the DAO on more than just face value. For example, third party proposals to Monolith could be evaluated by Monolith Studio and a viability report could be submitted back to the DAO, supplementing decision making.

  • Partner and oversee third party projects

    To ensure that third parties funded by MonolithDAO deliver on proposals efficiently, Monolith Studio could oversee and supplement development. Close cooperation would permit a level of synergy and quality that Monolith aims to represent.

  • Secure and Enhance the DAO

    Monolith Studio allows Monolith to always be at the forefront of DAO innovation. The capacity to evolve is critical in this rapidly changing industry. DAO enhancements could span from complex interaction layers to a simple improvement of an existing function, for example. Finally, DAO security will be upheld by the service provider, which will act in a coordinated manner to protect MonolithDAO backers and secure the underlying code.