The Powerful, Secure, Smart Contract Powered Debit Card

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Powered by Smart Contracts

TokenCard merges Ethereum smart contracts with Visa payments. This enables us to achieve a range of radical new features that set it apart from any competition. The resulting security enhancements and user control, cement TokenCard’s potential to become one of the most powerful debit cards in the world.

At it’s core, TokenCard replaces fund management infrastructure with personal smart contracts. These contracts function as an asymmetric escrow, where the user remains in full control of deposited funds. Card withdrawals from these contracts are conditional on user set parameters.

Global Token Support

Use Ether and ERC20 compliant tokens to seamlessly pay at any Visa terminal in the world.

Smart & Secure

With TokenCard there is no need for a proprietary app or login. All funds and functionality are managed and secured through your personal smart contract on the blockchain.

Complete Control

Users can interact with their contract through the Mist browser or Ethereum wallet, and can deposit and withdraw funds at any time.

  • Distributed Banking

    TokenCard is the first step towards a forthcoming distributed banking platform.

  • Synergy

    TokenCard adds utility to other Ethereum projects and leverages their unique features.

  • Diversification

    Users are not restricted to just holding a single currency. Cards can be backed by an ever expanding array of different ERC20 compliant tokens.

  • Asset Retention

    Funds will be withdrawn and converted when the user transacts, avoiding any unnecessary need to hold a fiat balance.

Beyond the Debit Card

Tokencard makes entirely new classes of debit cards possible, from asset backed gold cards to cards backed by entire portfolios of assets. The scope of what is possible, by definition, is as unbounded as Ethereum itself. And, all of this reaches far beyond our native community to regular users who can benefit from this technology, whilst still using the familiar Visa payments network.

It’s not just fund security and multi-asset backing that is being pioneered. TokenCard is also uniquely equipped to vastly improve upon the entire spectrum of regular debit card and banking services. Markets like international remittances and asset management are ripe for innovation using Ethereum technology, and TokenCard is well positioned to reach these new frontiers as a distributed banking solution.

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